I’m a Cook!

So Sara’s going to try to make this meal:

Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce with Shrimp


without totally messing it up, let’s see what happens. I’m also gonna try to make a mean fruit salad because it’s a much better alternative to “eating light” than Double Chocolate Fudge Cake *swoons*.  I’m also going to try to get my family to eat out in the backyard during sunset because we need to spend that time together and create this atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves & feel alive & that’s what nature does to you.

Recently since I’ve started my calorie count with an app called My Fitness Pal & it really has been my best friend. I’ve been watching out everything I eat and it makes me want to learn more about cooking and what ingredients correlate well with each other. It’s so great what scent you can pick up on when you just open a jar or a packet of some kin of grain or herb, the possibilities are endless. It’s so exciting to come across a moment where you can really be fascinated by the food you eat. When you think about it, food really brings us together. It creates a bond when you talk about the foods you like & the foods you dislike. I’m so curious to see what I can learn, and I hope this hobby continues throughout my life until I’m married and can create my own recipe book that I can pass down for my children & theirs.

Challenge: Let’s try to create a folder with all the interesting recipes that we’ve created & put them together in this intricate and cute and fun way. Let’s make life fun today.

By the way, I hope all of you are having an absolutely beautiful evening & you’re feeling passionate about something today. Don’t let life pass you by without thinking about something that you really enjoy & just doing it fully. You are all beautiful my dear, dear friends.


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